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                      Been bitten by the Travel Bug?  Feeling Wanderlust?  


If you are like me, you have a profound desire to see new places & an insatiable curiosity to immerse yourself in new cultures. 

You probably love hearing different languages spoken, seeing unique architecture & breathtaking views. Most importantly you love indulging in a flavoursome local culinary experience. I consider myself a passionate traveler and I am always searching for my next adventure & travel destination.

I Feel at peace wandering the streets of a new city.  
Travelling feeds my soul.

I started Glam Globe Trekker with the mission to connect with like minded Traveler's and build a community where people can share their experiences and inspire others to find their next Travel Adventure. 

View incredible Travel & Food Photography, Travel Tips, Tricks and Tales, Itinerary Ideas, Travel Apps and Travel Booking Site Recommendations - all in one place. Feed your soul!

Glam Globe Trekker hopes we can help you find your your next travel adventure! 

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